here to help

my name is Rachael, and i am here to listen, give support and guidance the best i can. i am not a professional or a doctor, just a 19 year old girl using the experience of her own stuggles to give the best advice possible. this is a judgment free zone. ask away.

Anonymous asked: Sorry :( is that i just want to eat what every underweight girl mantains on here in Tumblr! Im really scared to gain more than a pound...

but that isnt goign to get you anywhere! striving to do what other ill people tormented by their illness do is only going to make things harder. what is worse: gaining a pound or losing your life to an eating disorder?


anon asked: Will i gain more that a X? How do i increase, slowly or all at once? If i increase my exercise will it help to reduce the weight gain?

answer: ok, this is when the questions get too far. no one can tell you ‘you will only gain this much’, not even a professional. you wont gain alot. that is all i can say. weight can go up and down by even 7lbs a day and that doesnt mean they look any different! weight fluctuates! increasing by 200 calories every 2 days is a common way to increase and gives your body time to adjust. excercise should not be done at all if you are eating that little. especially if you happen not to be a healthy weight. remember that exercise means you need to eat more! and because the weight you would gain wouldnt be from eating more than your body’s requirements and just from fluid/food weight, it probably wouldnt change it anyway.


anon asked: If i increase from X to X calories will i gain weight?

answer: you may gain fluid (not much) which may come away after but the higher amount is not sufficent for weight gain. in fact, it is only enough for a young kid to maintain! you need much more than that but it is a good starting point. i urge you to make the change and keep in mind that even if the numbers go up, it is not REAL weight gain, you are not getting bigger.