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my name is Rachael, and i am here to listen, give support and guidance the best i can. i am not a professional or a doctor, just a 19 year old girl using the experience of her own stuggles to give the best advice possible. this is a judgment free zone. ask away.

Anonymous asked: hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii


Anonymous asked: is it possible to gain 6kg of water weight if you are seriously malnourished?

completely possible. i have heard of people gaining much more.

but it could mean you have refeeding syndrome which can be quite dangerous. (effects electrolytes, causes fluid retention, can lead to heart attack etc) it is easily treated and managed if caught quickly though. you will need to monitered to be safe. eg: regular bloods, b/p, weights…

if you havent already, make sure you get in contact with your doctor ASAP.

i am closing this blog btw so go follow help-us-heal and send your questions there :)

Anonymous asked: Im supposed to eat 2400 cals but calculating my cals I eat around 2250-2300ish does it really matter that im a few hundred low?

if you are in recovery for an eating disorder then yes, it matters. if you are doing this every day, then yes. it matters. if you aren’t doing this becuase you are being ‘flexible’ and some days you eat more, and some days you eat less, then yes, it matters.

you need to stick to your plan love. and realistlically, you can’t be on 2400 forever, you will need to increase at some point to recover. so meet your set minimum now. we get caught up in having to be under a certain amount instead of around or above a certain amount. aim to be around it. sometimes more, or sometimes less, sometimes spot on. or aim to always be atleast on it if not above.

don’t let your ED suck you into restriction.

Anonymous asked: someone from my camhs team said that when you are underweight all that is gained is water weight/glycogen/food weight/bones/muscle etc no fat is diposited on the body and fat is only deposited on the body when your weight gets too high for its height then the body will lay down fat, obviously fat is gained for organs but no actual fat is gained if you get me? is this true?

it is true. our wars physio did a talk on this. you only lay down essential fat and even that isnt until you reach a healthy bmi. mist of the weight you gain is organ repair (brain being an important one too!) and muscle. they speak the truth!!

Anonymous asked: do you think a 11kg gain on a 5'6 person will be noticable? ive gained 6kg already and everyone says theres no difference from my lw? i disagree but sometimes i can see there isnt really a difference? but idk?

honestly i couldn’t tell you. everyone is different frames and hights so… but since 6kg hasnt been that noticeable then probably not. i mean yeah, people will always look at least a little different when they gain…but isn’t it more important to have your life and the capability to live it than have your body stay the same?

Anonymous asked: why do some people who are recovering gain xkg and look the same as there lw not in the face but in the body like there is no physical change in the legs,arms,stomach maybe just bloating is this because all the weight they have gained has gone to there organs?

some people when they first gain weight gain it in the abdominal to protect their organs. usually the weight will redistribute to the rest of their body once they a) gain more weight or b) their body realises it is getting regular nutrition and realises it is safe.

i done know why it is exactly but remember that people may lie to you about if they have gained or not. and some people dont show change at first but then start to change at higher weights. everyone is different. xxx

Anonymous asked: Ive been bulimic for almost 5 years now and its getting to the point where i cant cope anymore. I feel like i need to get help or something really bad is gunna happen but i have sp much to lose and I'm scared and I've gained so much weight recently theyre not even going to take me seriously. I just don't know what to do i feel so desperate

hi love.

i am so sorry you are in so much torment right now. even if you are not underweight, your health is still at risk. your blood levels will be off and you will be at high risk of a heart attack.

i think you need to go to your doctor and tell them how you feel. even if things are ok physically they should give you support for your mental health.

be persistant. if they dont listen or take action, go back. try a different doctor, write to your MP, try an advocate. try some self help stuff online or DBT and CBT in the meantime. keep yourself as distracted as possible and try and give your day structure.

i will be praying fotr you love xxxx

Anonymous asked: If I measure 150g dry pasta which per 100g is 147kcal that should be 220.5kcal it would still be 220.5kcal when cooked right? Its just doubled in size due to the water and heat?

yup. if it says ‘per 100g uncooked pasta’ and you cook it and it weighs more it’s the same xxx

Anonymous asked: Hey rach 2400 calorie anon from a few weeks back so Im maintaining but haven't seen the dietician yet so will increase next week, what do you think my weight will do? Will I maintain again? Lose? Etc

if you have maintained it is probably best to increase. again, i cannot predict what your weight will do but i imagine you will maintain/gain a bit. good luck ♡